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Lovely Folders 4.3


Lovely Folders 4.3 default interface language is English. However, you can replace it with your native language. Lovely Folders will choose the language automatically during installation. The following languages are included by default.

Available languages:
Language   Translated by   File version
Arabic   Awadh A Al-Ghaamdi   4.2
Brazilian Portuguese   Caetano Brasil   4.2
Croatian   Neno (Nedeljko Cerovec)   4.2
Czech   TimeR   4.2
Danish   Kim Thranborg   3.0 *
Dutch   Michael Braspenningx   4.2
Farsi (Persian)   AHMADREZA   4.2
French   Hermep   4.2
German   NoSpeedLimit   3.0 *
Greek   ALEX PARK   4.2
Hebrew   Vadim & Daniel   4.2
Hungarian   Zityi   4.2
Italian   Luciano Paravella   4.2
Korean   Kim Kyung Deok   4.2
Polish   Marcin Mikolajczyk   4.2
Portuguese   Carlos Sacramento   3.0 *
Romanian   UserB.F.D.   4.2
Russian   GreMiGen   4.2
Serbian   Mladen Plasic   3.0 *
Simplified Chinese   Zyoka   3.0 *
Spanish   Gonzalo Ferreira Da Silva   4.2
Thai   SomeoneZZZ   4.2
Traditional Chinese   Joanna   4.2
Turkish   Olcay Akgun   4.2
* user interface may be partially translated. Look up for an updated version of your language below

If you could not find a file with your native language, you can translate Lovely Folders 4.3 by yourself into your own language and get a FREE registration key.

How can I translate the program?
Go to the folder where Lovely Folders is installed (usually, C:\Program Files\Lovely Folders) and open file "0409.lng" in any text editor (for example: Notepad)  
Replace all English strings, located on the right of "=" character, with strings in your language  
Fill the [FileInfo] section of this file with the name of your language and your name. For example:
Name=Italian (Italiano)
Translation=User [user@server.com]
Save this file with the name of your language and extension "lng" (for example: italian.lng)  
Send this file via e-mail to the address and you will receive your registration key  

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