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Lovely Folders 4.0

Changing folder appearance

Step 1: Select a folder which appearance you want to change 
In Windows Explorer: click the right mouse button on a folder, which appearance you want to change, and select "Folder appearance..." from the popup menu.
In the program: run Lovely Folders 4.0 and select a folder, which appearance you want to change, in the folder tree (Main window, pos.1).

Step 2: Choose folder appearance - standard or custom
If you select "Display this folder using system standard settings" (Main window, pos.3), ignore steps 3, 4 and 5.

Step 3: Select an icon for the selected folder
Click the "Change..." button (Main window, pos.5) and the "Change Icon" dialog window will appear.

Lovely Folders will automatically scan the selected folder and recommend the most suitable icons. You can select various icon categories (Change Icon window, pos.1) to view icons, associated with the selected category (such as: audio, video, documents, games, system shell icons, user icons, etc. ). In addition, you can open icon files, icon libraries, icon resources (Change Icon window, pos.2) or you can search for icons on your computer (Change Icon window, pos.3).

You can drag-and-drop any file into the "Change icon" window to extract all icons from the dropped file. In the same way you can drag-and-drop any folder and Lovely Folders will automatically start searching for icons in this folder and its subfolders.

Finally, there is a powerful unique feature - generating "folder-look" icons (Change Icon window, pos.5 and 7).

All changes will be shown in the icon preview area (Change Icon window, pos.6).

When done, confirm your selection by clicking the "OK" button (Change Icon window, pos.11).

If you want to get more icons available for Lovely Folders, click here to download additional icon sets.

Step 4: Change folder background
Lovely Folders version 4.0 gives you a unique and useful feature - changing folder background. Click the "Preview/Change..." button and the "Folder background" dialog window will appear.

Simple select an image you want to put in the back of the selected folder's window. Your folder now may has a wallpeper image - just like your desktop!
Also you may adjust icon text color (for example, choose bright color for dark image or vice versa).

Step 5: Set an info tip for the selected folder
You can describe your customized folder. Simple type any text (max length is 128 characters) in the "Info tip" field (Main window, pos.11). You may see this description in Windows Explorer when you point a folder with your mouse.

Please note: changing folder info tip is only available in the registered version of Lovely Folders. Click here to register your copy of Lovely Folders.

Step 6: Apply all changes to the selected folder
To apply new parameters for the selected folder click "Apply Changes" (Main window, pos.12). New parameters will take effect immediately.

To discard all changes for the selected folder click "Discard Changes" (Main window, pos.13).

Screenshot: You may see below an example of changing folder appearance

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