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InTouch Lock

Event Viewer -> Main menu

<File> menu:
Open - opens an existing InTouch Lock Event Log (*.ilg) file (a file previously saved using the Save as... command).  
Save as - saves the current InTouch Lock Event Log to a file.  
Export - allows you to export the current log file to a readable HTML document, or to a tabulated or a comma-separated text file to process it with third-party software (for example, Microsoft Excel).  
Clear event log - removes all records from the current log file and physically removes this file.  
Exit - exits InTouch Lock Event Viewer.  

<View> menu:
Toolbar - displays or hides the Toolbar at the top of the window.  
Status bar - displays or hides the Status bar at the bottom of the window.  
Grid - displays or hides the grid.  
Refresh - reloads the current log file.  
Event details - opens the selected event details window.  

<Help> menu:
InTouch Lock Help - displays the help contents page for InTouch Lock.  

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