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Internet / Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer restrictions:
Disable files download - removes the ability to download files using Internet Explorer.  
Disable File --> New command - disables the File | New | Window command.  
Disable File --> Open command - disables the File | Open command.  
Disable File --> Save as... command - disables the File | Save and File | Save as... command.  
Disable File --> Print command - disables the File | Print and File | Print preview command.  
Disable Favorites - hides the Favorites menu and disables the Favorites button on the IE toolbar. This option also disables the ability to adding to favorites, or organizing favorites.
Disable Import/Export Favorites - removes the ability of importing and exporting of Internet Explorer Favorites. When users use the Import and Export Wizard from the File menu, they will get a message after clicking "Finish" that the ability of import and export favorites is disabled on this computer.
Disable Tools --> Internet Options - disables the Tools | Internet options command.
Note that users can still gain access to Internet options using Control Panel. To disable the Internet options applet in Control Panel use the System | Control Panel restrictions group.
Disable open links in a new window - removes the ability to open links in a new window.
Disable view the page source HTML - removes the ability to view the page source in Internet Explorer.
Disable Full Screen view - disables the Full Screen view option.
Disable document context menu - disables the right-click context menu in Internet Explorer.
Disable toolbars changing - disables the option of changing / hiding toolbars.
Disable toolbars customization - removes the ability to change which functions are available from the toolbar.
Disable Back and Forward buttons - disables the navigation buttons in Internet Explorer.
Disable closing Internet Explorer - disables the option of closing Internet Explorer.

Please note that some of the options above may affect also to Windows Explorer.

Internet options:
Hide General tab - hides the General page from Internet options.  
Hide Security tab - hides the Security page from Internet options.  
Hide Privacy tab - hides the Privacy page from Internet options.  
Hide Content tab - hides the Content page from Internet options.  
Hide Connections tab - hides the Connections page from Internet options.  
Hide Programs tab - hides the Programs page from Internet options.  
Hide Advanced tab - hides the Advanced page from Internet options.

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