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InTouch Lock

Shell / Start menu

Start menu:
Hide Start button - removes the Start Menu button from the taskbar.  
Disable Start button - makes the Start Menu button inoperative.  
Disable Start menu items changing - removes the ability to drag-and-drop Start Menu items and disables the right-click popup menu inside the Start Menu.  

Hide/Disable Start button options don't totally block the Start menu. You should jump to System | Input devices and disable the WINDOWS key and the CTRL+ESC combination to prevent users from accessing the Start menu.

Start menu items:
Shutdown - prevents users from shutting down or restarting Windows. This setting removes the Shut Down option from the Start menu and disables Shut Down options on the Windows Task Manager.  
Log off - removes the "Log Off" command from the Start menu and Task Manager.  
Run - removes the Run command from the Start menu, Internet Explorer, and Task Manager. Also, users with extended keyboards will no longer be able to display the Run dialog box by pressing WINDOWS + R.  
Help - removes the Help command from the Start menu.  
Search - removes the Search item from the Start menu, and disables some Windows Explorer search elements. Also, the system does not respond when users press WINDOWS + F.  
Control Panel - removes the Control Panel, Printers, and Network and Connection folders from Settings on the Start menu, and from My Computer and Windows Explorer.
Favorites - prevents users from adding the Favorites menu to the Start menu. Please note that the Favorites menu does not appear on the Start menu by default.
Documents - removes the Documents menu from the Start menu.

Important notice: If you are using Windows XP with the non-classic Start Menu enabled, some InTouch Lock features provided above may not work 100% correctly.

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