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InTouch Lock

Shell / Desktop

Disable the desktop - enabling this option disables the desktop content (but don't hides them) and desktop's context menu.  
Disable changing wallpaper - disables all options on the Background tab of Display Properties. As a result, users cannot add or change the background design of the desktop.
Disable HTML wallpaper - permits only image files as desktop wallpapers.  
Hide the desktop - hides all icons and shortcuts on the Windows desktop and disables its context menu.  
Disable Active Desktop - disables the use of the Active Desktop feature.  
Hide "Network Neighborhood" icon - removes the "Network Neighborhood" icon from the desktop.

Hide the taskbar - hides the taskbar, including all its contents.  
Disable the taskbar - disables access to the taskbar with a mouse.  
Disable taskbar context menu - removes the context menus from Start menu and Switch Bar.  
Disable Quick Launch icons - disables Quick Launch icons.  
Disable taskbar customization - disables Properties of the taskbar and also hides the "Taskbar and Start menu" item from the Control Panel.  
Hide task buttons - hides all the buttons of running applications on the taskbar.
Lock taskbar's toolbars - prevents users from adding, dragging, dropping and closing Taskbar's toolbars.
Hide taskbar's toolbars - removes all the toolbars, including Quick Launch, from the taskbar and also restricts the ability to re-enable them.

Hide tray icons - hides tray icons.  
Disable access to tray icons - locks all the tray icons and makes them inaccessible.  
Hide the clock - hides the taskbar clock.  

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