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InTouch Lock

Internet / Site Content

Block Website's Content:
Erotic, pornography and explicit adult sexual materials - prevents sites containing adult sexual materials from being viewed.  
Abusive or vulgar language, swearing or mild expletives - prevents sites containing swearing from being viewed.
Hate speech - prevents sites containing hate speech from being viewed.  
Alcohol, drugs, tobacco - prevents sites containing depiction of alcohol, drugs and tobacco use from being viewed.  
Social Network services - prevents social network sites (such as Facebook, MySpace, etc.) from being viewed.  
Gambling, online games and casino - prevents gambling, online games and online casino sites from being viewed.
Online chats, video chats, IRC - prevents chat and dating sites from being viewed.
Message boards, forums, internet blogs - prevents forums and blog sites (like LiveJournal) from being viewed.  
Online video and TV - prevents online video from being viewed.  
Download sites - prevents download sites from being viewed.  
Torrent trackers and related websites - prevents torrent trackers from being viewed.

Block Website's Content works with all major web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari.

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