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InTouch Lock

Keyboard shortcuts

Interface keys:

  Shortcut     Action
  CTRL+ENTER     Apply changes
  CTRL+I     Import profile
  CTRL+E     Export profile
  ESC     Close the InTouch Lock configuration window
  CTRL+PAGEUP     Scroll up restrictions categories
  CTRL+PAGEDOWN     Scroll down restrictions categories
  F1     Open InTouch Lock Help

Customizable global keys:

  Default shortcut     Action
  CTRL+F12     Configure InTouch Lock
  CTRL+SHIFT+L     Lock screen
  CTRL+F9     Activate/Deactivate protection
  <NONE>     Apply profile
  <NONE>     Open InTouch Lock Event Viewer
  <NONE>     View automated tasks
  <NONE>     Windows session | Shutdown
  <NONE>     Windows session | Restart
  <NONE>     Windows session | Suspend
  <NONE>     Windows session | Hibernate
  <NONE>     Windows session | Log off user
  <NONE>     Windows session | Switch user (Lock workstation)
  <NONE>     Open the About/Registration window
  <NONE>     Shutdown InTouch Lock

You can customize global hotkeys in Tools | Settings | Tray menu.

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