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InTouch Lock

Tray menu

InTouch Lock tray menu:
Configure InTouch Lock - opens InTouch Lock main window. You may be prompted for the password.  
Lock screen - instantly blocks your system from unauthorized access and hides your desktop. This feature is extremely useful to quick lock your computer when you are going to leave it for a while.  
Activate/Deactivate protection - activates or deactivates InTouch Lock protection.  
Apply profile - loads InTouch Lock security profile from a file and then activates it.  
Event viewer - opens InTouch Lock Event Viewer - special utility to view log of InTouch Lock activity.  
View automated tasks - opens the Automated Tasks window, where you can make several actions regarding automated tasks like enable/disable its execution, add new or remove existing tasks.
Windows session - allows you to shutdown, restart, suspend or hibernate your computer, log off current user, switch user (Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008) or lock workstation (Windows NT/2000).
About InTouch Lock - opens the About/Registration window.
Shutdown InTouch Lock - totally disables InTouch Lock protection and exits the program. You may be prompted for the password.

You can customize InTouch Lock tray menu: hide items, protect items by the password, specify keyboard shortcuts. You can make it from Tools | Settings | Tray menu.

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