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InTouch Lock

The toolbar

Toolbar buttons:
Activate/Deactivate - activates or deactivates InTouch Lock protection.  
Apply - activates all changes in all groups of restrictions. All changes will take effect immediately. If InTouch Lock protection is inactive, all changes will be saved to the user profile and will take effect when InTouch Lock protection will become active.  
Cancel - resets all changes made by user after pressing the APPLY button.  
Tasks - opens the Automated Tasks window, where you can make several actions regarding automated tasks like enable/disable its execution, add new or remove existing tasks.  
Events - opens InTouch Lock Event Viewer - special utility to view log of InTouch Lock activity.  
Lock screen - instantly blocks your system from unauthorized access and hides your desktop. This feature is extremely useful to quick lock your computer when you are going to leave it for a while.
Help - displays the help contents page for InTouch Lock.

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