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InTouch Lock

Main menu

<File> menu:
Activate/Deactivate protection - activates or deactivates InTouch Lock protection.  
Apply changes - activates all changes in all groups of restrictions. All changes will take effect immediately. If InTouch Lock protection is inactive, all changes will be saved to the user profile and will take effect when InTouch Lock protection will become active.  
Predefined profiles - loads the sample security profile.
  •  Empty profile - Choose that profile to start InTouch Lock with no restrictions enabled. You will manually select what restrictions you want to set up for users.

  •  Child - Child profile is commonly used to enable restrictions for a child using this computer. If you select this profile, a child will have no access to change system parameters, install or remove any software. Also, Internet content filters will be enabled for a user: no access to pornography, online casinos and other sites that may be harmful for kids.

  •  Working place - This profile is a starting point to set up restrictions for office workers and other employees. By selecting this profile, a user will have no access to standard games and entertainment web sites. To prevent sensitive information from leaking, InTouch Lock will also block the use of USB Flash and other external storage devices.

  •  Kiosk mode - Select this profile if you are planning to use this computer in the kiosk mode. InTouch Lock will secure the OS and browser. Users can access only your application running in the kiosk. Access to the desktop and Windows operating system will not be granted since InTouch Lock is enabled.

  •  Guest - This profile is extremely useful if you don't want your friends or co-workers to reconfigure your system or read your important e-mails. To keep your system secure, InTouch Lock will also block Internet files download and access to USB Flash and other devices that may harm your computer.

  •  Profile selector - Opens the "Predefined Security Profiles" dialog.
Import profile - loads InTouch Lock security profile from a file. To apply this profile, choose the "Apply changes" menu item.  
Export profile - runs the Export Wizard that allows you to easily export the current security configuration to a file.  
Reset profile - resets all restrictions back to their default values.  
Close - closes the configuration window of InTouch Lock. The program will continue running in the system tray.
Shutdown InTouch Lock - totally disables InTouch Lock protection and exits the program.
If you wish to temporary disable InTouch Lock protection, you should use the Activate/Deactivate protection feature.

<View> menu:
Shell - opens the selected category of the Shell restrictions group.  
System - opens the selected category of the System restrictions group.  
Internet - opens the selected category of the Internet restrictions group.  
Files - opens the selected category of the Files restrictions group.  
Applications - opens the selected category of the Applications restrictions group.
Previous page - scrolls up restrictions categories.  
Next page - scrolls down restrictions categories.

<Automation> menu:
Add new task - runs the Add Task Wizard that allows you to easily create a task, which will be executed automatically at the specified time, when no user activity or when Windows starts.  
View automated tasks - opens the Automated Tasks window, where you can make several actions regarding automated tasks like enable/disable its execution, add new or remove existing tasks.  

<Tools> menu:
Windows session - allows you to shutdown, restart, suspend or hibernate your computer, log off current user, switch user (Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008) or lock workstation (Windows NT/2000).  
Event viewer - opens InTouch Lock Event Viewer - special utility to view log of InTouch Lock activity.  
Lock screen - instantly blocks your system from unauthorized access and hides your desktop. This feature is extremely useful to quick lock your computer when you are going to leave it for a while.  
Settings - displays the Settings dialog that allows you to adjust some personal settings like your password, hot keys, etc.  

<Language> menu:
InTouch Lock is an international program, so you can replace English language of its interface with your native language. To download your language, click "Get more languages" from the "Language" menu.  

<Help> menu:
InTouch Lock Help - displays the help contents page for InTouch Lock.  
Tip of the Day - displays InTouch Lock tips and tricks.  
Frequently Asked Questions - opens the FAQ page of our Web site in your Web browser.  
Get technical support now - opens your default e-mail client to write a support letter to us.  
Visit Lovelysoft Official Web Site - opens the main page of our Web site in your Web browser.  
About InTouch Lock - opens the About/Registration window.

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