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InTouch Lock

Starting the program

InTouch Lock starts automatically with Windows. When InTouch Lock is running, its icon appears in the system tray near the clock. Right-click on this icon to get access to the InTouch Lock tray menu.

If you choose the "Hide tray icon (Stealth mode)" option from the Settings menu of InTouch Lock you will not see the program's icon in the system tray. In this case to access the InTouch Lock configuration you should use the hot key (CTRL+F12 by default).

When you run InTouch Lock for the first time, it is strongly recommended to assign a password to manage InTouch Lock. By default, the password is blank. Without the password anyone who has physical access to your computer can manage InTouch Lock. You can set up your password in Tools | Settings.

Password selection tips

It is extremely important to use well-designed passwords not only with InTouch Lock but almost with any kind of software.

Use random mixed passwords

It's a good idea to mix alphabet symbols (a..z, A..Z), numerals (0..9) and special symbols (!, _, (, ), and so on). Using random mixed passwords such as h7@2H_yQ is very effective. It is difficult for the third persons to guess, what password is being used.

The optimum password length is 8-10 symbols

Passwords that are less then 7 symbols can be easily worked out and so do not provide enough security. Passwords that contain 11 symbols or more could not be thoroughly kept in mind (especially if they are not used very often).

We do not recommend you to use the names of your children, parents, friends, home animals, dates of their birthdays as your password

InTouch Lock password is case and language sensitive, so always enter the password exactly as you originally assigned it.

Please carefully keep your password for InTouch Lock. Without the correct password you will not be able to access the InTouch Lock configuration, deactivate InTouch Lock protection, shutdown the program, unlock your system, etc.

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